Seminars & Conferences

In order to make domestic and foreign enterprises in the field of processing and packaging better cooperate with each other, the organizers have planned a series of targeted meetings and activities, which, from the future development of the industry and at the global level, have in-depth exploration into the new environment, new situation and new goals for the international development of China’s processing and packaging industry, and, through all-round and in-depth communication, provide professionals of global processing and packaging enterprises engaged in business expansion, technology, R&D and engineering. In 2017, the forums of the show attracted more than 700 enthusiastic participants.

[Active & Intelligent Packaging Summit]

Organizer: Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association
It is the successful session of the Active & Intelligent Packaging Summit in China in 2017. Before coming to China, the summit has been held in Germany, Japan, the United States, Switzerland, the Netherlands and other developed countries as an international platform with the highest quality, highest authority and greatest influence in the industry. With rich technological channel resources, it offers sharing of multi-purpose applications and all-round market prospect. And also as the best platform to learn the innovative and cutting-edge technologies of the industry, it provides a shortcut for seizing market trends and expanding industrial connection network. The summit on July 13 attracted more than 250 listeners from industries of food beverage, pharmacy, cosmetics, daily necessities, etc. as well as governmental agencies and institutions of packaging equipment, packaging printing and other industries.

[Packaging Sustainability and Innovation International Summit 2017]

The Packaging Sustainability and Innovation International Summit 2017 is a multi-angle platform intended to provide elites of different industries with an opportunity of communication and interaction. It offers detailed analysis on the upgrading of supply chains in the material innovation and automation systems and in-depth discussion on various issues in food and beverage, daily necessities, medical care and other industries, such as productivity, cost saving, environmental protection and product safety, etc.
The topics of the summit mainly include industrial standards, market trends, material innovation, automation systems, sustainability and safety, etc. The summit has also invited representative end users, printing package producers and packaging OEMs from industries of food, beverages and healthcare product for sharing their viewpoints and the latest technologies.

[Intelligent Packaging Conference of Food and Pharmacy]

Organizer: Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association
Intelligent Packaging Conference of Food and Pharmacy is an international conference held by China Vogel Industry Media in association with UBM CIE at ProPak China 2017. This conference will build a platform for in-depth communication for domestic and foreign experts and scholars for continuously improving the packaging level in domestic food and pharmacy industry and promote the automated, intelligent, sustainable and steady development of the industry.
In recent years, China's food and pharmaceutical packaging industry has been developing well, however, there are also some manufacturers with poor production technology. At the same time, with proposal of “Made in China 2025”, the packaging industry is also gradually tending to intelligent development, with major companies actively introducing new technologies and new ideas and the entire packaging industry showing a clear trend of development. Based on the above, this conference will uphold the professional and rigorous style of China Vogel Industry Media for conference services to have an all-round discussion on intelligent and automated packaging around such topics as "intelligent packaging robots", "trend of automated packaging", "pharmaceutical packaging warehouse automation" and " packaging management and quality control of multinational pharmaceutical companies" with the experts and the audience.
The mainstream for the future development of food and pharmaceutical packaging will be intelligent, automatic, functional, green and simplified. Experts and scholars in relevant fields are welcome to this conference for discussion and joint promotion of the development of automatic packaging.

[China (Yangtze River Delta) Beverage Joint Conference – New Trends of China’s Beverage Industry in 2017]

Organizer: Shanghai Beverage Association
The conference has invite Hu Xudong, Vice Director at the Product R&D Planning Department of Want-Want Group Headquarters, Ye Hui, Senior Manager at Coca-Cola Greater China Region, Chen Jiyang, Legal Advisor at Shanghai Beverage Association and Director at Shanghai Gu You Law Office and Chen Jie, Executive Vice Chairman at Shanghai Beverage Association and Secretary-general of China (Yangtze River Delta) Beverage Joint Conference, and other distinguished guests, who jointly build an innovative, practical and multi-angle in-depth forum with legal guarantee respectively from such aspects as the R&D and innovation of Want-Want in beverage, milk and leisure food, innovative practice of a centuries-old international beverage brand, legal practices on consumer goods, and the reviews and prospects for the beverage market, etc.

[ProPak Food Quiz Bowl]

Organizer: Fuli Institute of Food Science, Zhejiang University
Food industry belongs to the primary industry, which is not only related to the primary needs for the survival of people, but also the largest sector of the national economy. With the rapid development of food industry in China and the increasing trend of industrial globalization, the basic education and international training for college students has been increasingly valued. In order to further enhance the professional level of undergraduates and strengthen the international training mode in the food industry, the Steering Committee for Food Science and Engineering Teaching in Higher Education Institutions, Ministry of Education has, in association with UBM CIE and Fuli Institute of Food Science, Zhejiang University, held the ProPak Food Quiz Bowl with the tenet of “enhancing China’s influence and voice in the international food industry and cultivating professional talent for China’s and the world’s food industry”. This year’s event has attracted competitors from 19 food-related departments in 9 universities in East China and Nanjing Agricultural University won the championship. This contest was organized by Fuli Institute of Food Science, Zhejiang University. Professor Liu Donghong, chairperson of the organizing committee said: "The contest has been a great success and it has built a platform for communication between manufacturers and future food scientists. Next year, we will expand the scale to target all professional institutions countrywide."