AIPIA China Summit 2018 (charged, simultaneous interpretation)


Date: July 12, 2018 (all day)


Venue: Meeting Room M50, Hall N5


Organizer: Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association (AIPIA)


The Summit will bring together international experts from the Netherlands' Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association (AIPIA) and the Japan Food Packaging Association (JFPA), as well as technical executives of world leading packaging enterprises in the UK, the U.S.A, Canada and New Zealand, including Stora Enso, HP, Evrythng, Alpha Assembly, ATT, FPInnovations and Otago, to share active package, anti-counterfeit, printed electronics and intelligent package solutions, as well as other frontier industrial information.


Speaker introduction:


Speaker:Executive Director of Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association Eef de Ferrante。
Speech Title:Key Trends for the Future Success of Active & Intelligent Packaging

Eef de Ferrante is currently the Executive Director of AIPIA, the Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association and was instrumental in setting it up in Spring 2011.

His background in management, communications, sales and marketing means he is strongly focused on specialist target groups and analyzing markets and their needs, making him skilled in bringing the right people together in the right place at the right time.

With over 20 years of experience using a market approach to developing high-level, specialized and very successful commercial platforms, de Ferrante has a background in the creation and development of events and services for many industries, including Logistics. He was Managing Director for Intelligent Transport Systems Europe (ITS Europe) a global network of logistics exhibitions and conferences. His entrepreneural insight has enabled AIPIA to grow rapidly and become a highly respected and effective information and networking hub for the sector.

Speaker:The President of Japanese Food Packaging Association Takasuke Ishitani。
Speech Title:Active Packaging in Japan - Oxygen absorbing film and antibacterial film
Ishitani Hyowoo has served as director of the Japan Food Packaging Association (JFPA) since 2005. After graduating from the Agricultural Science College of Tokyo agricultural science and Technology University in 1967, he entered the National Food Research Institute of agriculture, forestry and Fisheries (MAFF),and began the research work on the quality preservation and packaging technology of food. In 1983, he received the doctorate degree of Kyushu University from the study of quality preservation of packaged food. In 90s, Ishitani Hyowoo went through the National Center for agricultural research and the International Center for agricultural science research, and made a thorough research and contribution to the food preservation and supply chain of products. And it began to engage in international cooperation projects. Since 2002, he has participated in the "Sino Japanese sustainable agricultural cooperation research project" held in Beijing, China for a period of 3 years. He retired in 2004 and returned to Japan in 2005 to continue to contribute to food packaging work in JFPA.

Speaker:Vice President, Business Development of Evrythng Corey Wilson
Speech Title:The Opportunity for Brands From Born Digital Consumer Products
Experience extends across categories including CPG, Luxury, Retail, Tech & Health Services, driving bottom and top-line growth. Extensive international and domestic client relationships and sought after public speaker.
Specialties: NFC, RFID, Mobile, Proximity, Strategic Partnerships, Technology Adoption, Commercial and Product Innovation, Omnichannel, Context Technologies, RF Enablement, Store Front Utilization, Digital Transformation, and score carding including Supply Chain Automation.
Former Vice Chair of NFC Forum Retail Special Interest Group, AIPIA Board Member, Smart Card Alliance Member, Mobile & NFC Technology Council Board Member

Speaker:Labels & Packaging Sales Manager of HP Indigo Allan Feng
Speech Title:HP Indigo technology and applications in security label printing and packaging for consumer engagement
HP Indigo industrial team Regional Sales Manager More than ten years of experience in digital printing industry Focus on digital innovation of industrial label and packaging, and variable information loading.

Speaker:Markets & Business Intelligence and Analytics Manager of
Speech Title:Smart Materials for Printed Electronics in Active & Intelligent Packaging
Mr. Anubhav Rustogi is the Manager for Markets, Business Intelligence & Analytics at Alpha Assembly Solutions; a global leader in Electronic and Semiconductor assembly materials.
He is part of the Technology & Corporate development group, and is responsible for: identifying emerging technologies & trends for new business development, assessing the techno-commercial feasibility of business opportunities identified and ensuring strategic fit of programs so defined.
He also manages customer engagements, for all new business development opportunities.
Anubhav holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA in Finance & Marketing. He is a trained Six Sigma Black Belt, and Project Management certified from both PMI, USA and OGC, UK.
Anubhav served as the global R&D program manager at Alpha, prior to moving into this current role. In the past, he has managed and spearheaded project management function at leading global pharmaceutical & biologics companies, successfully delivering projects across the entire drug development value chain.

Speaker:Business Development Manager of StoraEnso China Jason Zhang
Speech Title:The application of Stora Enso Intelligent Packaging in supply chain
Stora Enso, head of intelligent packaging business in China branch, leader of RFID ultra high frequency product technology and Internet of things application, has been working in deep tillage industry for nearly ten years. We are committed to open up a new RFID ultra high frequency product technology and application field. It has rich experience in the field of global medical, aviation, energy and logistics, and the customers are the top 100 companies in all fields of the world. We are committed to integrating the technology of Internet of things with business process and business operation mode to create new value for the users of the industry.

Speaker:Research Scientist of FP Innovations Gary Tingjie Li
Speech Title:Potential Opportunities and Challenges for Printing Electronics on Paper-based Substrates
The Canadian Forest Products Innovation Research Institute and the Shanghai municipal government cooperate to promote Green Construction. Li Tingjie, who joined FPInnovations in 2012 as a research scientist, was devoted to printing electronic products, including the development of a print receptor technology for food packaging. He is exploring the application of 3D printing in forestry products, especially 3D printing and packaging products based on 100% wood materials.

Speaker:Chief Operations Officer (Great China) of Advanced Track and Trace China Keggin Shen
Speech Title:Multi-level Authentication and Traceability solutions from ATT in Active & Intelligent Packaging
Keggin Shen has many years of experience in multinational companies and is committed to the research and development of anti-counterfeiting safety and intelligent packaging. At the beginning of 2013, we joined Advanced Track& Trace company, which belongs to LAMY group of France, and participated in the formation of the anti-counterfeit technology service (Hongkong) Limited company, responsible for the business development and operation of the great China.


The Summit provides simultaneous interpretation,charge:RMB1,000/ person


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