Scope of Exhibits

Processing technologies:food processing machinery, diary & beverage processing equipment, liquid processing, brewing and beverage processing, canning technology, Pharmaceutical processing and cosmetic processing machinery, etc.

Packaging technology: packaging machinery (food/non-food), intelligent/automated packaging, beverage packaging, liquid packaging, pharmaceutical packaging machinery, cosmetic packaging, plastic packaging machinery, cardboard packaging, metal packaging

Terminal printing technologies:printing and labeling technology, materials

Logistics packaging technologies:logistics packaging containers and materials, logistics packaging technology, labeling, logistics packaging technology

Packaging materials and products: packaging materials, packaging products, logistics packaging materials, innovative packaging materials

Logistics packaging containers and materials: corrugated cardboard cartons, turnover boxes, crates, container bags, dunnage bags, cushion packaging, plastic woven sacks, courier bags, stretch film, packaging tapes, honeycomb paper products, paper corner protectors, packing straps, packing buckles | packaging barriers | bundling tools | special packaging materials, etc.

E-commerce courier logistics: shockproof packaging technology, shrinkable packaging and tensile packaging technology, mold resistant and corrosion resistant packaging technology, dampproof packaging technology, OS packaging technology, pest-proof packaging technology, dustproof packaging technology, dangerous goods packaging technology, press through and skin packaging technologies, etc.

Labels and identifiers: RFID technology, barcode technology, individualized labeling, functional labeling, QR labeling, auto printing labeling systems and RFID printing and labeling applications, barcode equipment, marks and plats, RF cards, security identifiers and security labels, etc.

Logistics warehousing equipment and systems:packaging and order selection system, logistics warehousing system, vertical warehousing system, logistics handling equipment, barcode information system, vertical revolving cabinet warehouse, conveying machinery, lifting machinery, stacker cranes, sorting machines, elevating platforms, industrial robots and AGV, etc.

Packaging materials: paper packaging materials, plastic packaging materials, metal packaging materials, functional packaging, innovative packaging

Packaging products:paper packaging products, plastic packaging products, metal packaging products, glass packaging products, fabric packaging products

Logistics packaging materials: dustproof packaging, shockproof packaging, dampproof packaging, anti-counterfeiting packaging, heavy packaging and other functional packaging

Packaging accessories:film, colour master batch, printing ink and fibre coatings