The following are comprehensive promotion programs prepared by the organisers for you:

  • Articles on newspapers and magazines
    The organizers have arranged some articles about the exhibition, pre-show introduction and post-show reviews with some professional magazines in the industry.
    In addition, it is also possible to publish relevant information of the show on regional print media through such channels as the press conferences.

  • Triple direct mailing
    The organizers will arrange at least three direct mails to pro processional audience for promotion. First time, the “Preview of the show” will be mailed 6 weeks for the show, including list of all exhibits and photos of some exhibits; and the second time and third time, the visitor tickets will be sent to all professional visitors and guests listed in the database.

  • Advertisement
    The organizers will advertise in domestic and foreign professional newspapers and magazines.
    To get even greater influence, you can link your ads with that of the organizers. Please contact the organizers for more information about names of relevant media organizations, time of advertisement and contact information, etc.

  • Promotion via email and fax
    The organizers will e-mail invitations to about 15,000 potential buyers in the database, and as the show approaches, the organizers will send invitations to professional audiences across Asia by email, fax and telephone.

  • Show Guide APP
    The show guide APP is a comprehensive introduction to the exhibition. It details each exhibitor in the exhibition in three parts: introduction of exhibits, catalogue of exhibits and list of exhibitors.
    The show guide APP is not only a shopping guide for buyers at the show, but also a good helper for post-show procurement, so it is the best way of advertisement. Advertising in the show guide APP will provide you with more business opportunities.

  • Other promotion materials
    The organizers can provide visitor tickets, posters, exhibition signs and other materials to support your exhibition.

  • Promotion towards visitors
    The organizers will personally come to major buyers, professional groups and associations in major provinces for promotion of the show.

  • Press conference
    Before the show, the organizers will hold press conferences in some cities at home and abroad to attract more professional visitors.