Why Become an Exhibitor

High popularity - the show has been successfully held for 24 sessions as a benchmark show of the packaging         technology and equipment industry;
Rich resources - each year there will be global tours to secure massive resources of global vendors;
Precise buyers - In 2018, ProPak China attracted the participation of 25,144 professional visitors,up 13%        compared to ProPak China 2017;
Benefit from the synergy effect of concurrent events including Hi & Fi Asia-China, Healthplex Expo and Natural        & Nutraceutical Products China, Starch Expo, Expo Fine Agrotech and share high-profile visitor resources from        food related industries.;
Organisational support - the only event with the support from overseas packaging and processing                organisations, including those from France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and North America;
Supporting events - a lot of wonderful events including special forums, matchmaking, innovative products                demonstration, etc. will be held throughout the show.

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