National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (NECC)
Add:333 Songze Avenue, Qingpu District, Shanghai P.R.C.

Take Line 2 to East Xujing Station then you can directly get to the exhibition venue.

Taking a taxi is a fast and convenient way to get around Shanghai. The city has the best-managed taxi service in China. Please show the below Chinese address of the venue to the driver:

Visa Information
You need to apply for a visa to enter China. It might take some time for your embassy to process your application so don't wait until the last minute. Start with your preparations no later than one month before the show.

If you are only stopping over in Shanghai for the event, en route to another destination you may not have to ontain a visa.You can find more information about the 144-hour visa-free transit and the countries that are eligible for it here.

To apply for a business visa at your local Chinese Embassy, you will need:
- an official invitation letter*
- a complete overview of your trip including proof of flights in and out of the country, detailed description of travel routes and proof of hotel booking(s)
- your passport
- a recent photo
- your visa application form