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Exploring Italy’s Innovative Packing Machinery Industry|Italian National Pavilion at the 28th PROPAK CHINA

The 28th International Processing & Packaging Exhibition, ProPak China 2023 will take place at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) from 19 to 21 June 2023A number of Italian leading packaging machinery companies will be present at the expo as the Italian national pavilion organized by Italian Trade Agency Shanghai Office with UCIMA, Italian Packaging Machinery Manufacturers’ Association. Together we will have face-to-face communication with thousands of famous Chinese and foreign professional operators in the sector, to promote and showcase the innovative Italian processing and packaging industry while build partnerships with exceptional enterprises in the sector.

The Italian leading packaging companies attending this year’s exhibition include: Cama Group, CAVANNA SPA, DELFIN s.r.l. – Società Unipersonale, FBR-ELPO S.p.A., Omag S.p.A., SIPA SPA

Packaging · Global trend and the Italian industry focus

The packaging industry is influenced by various factors, such as consumer preferences, environmental concerns, regulatory requirements, technological innovations, and market trends.


The packaging industry is facing increasing pressure to reduce its environmental impact and adopt more eco-friendly practices. This includes using biodegradable, recyclable, or renewable materials, minimizing waste and energy consumption, and improving the recyclability and composability of packaging.


The packaging industry is constantly evolving with new technologies and designs that aim to improve the functionality, performance, and appeal of packaging. Some of the emerging innovations include active packaging, intelligent packaging, smart labels, edible packaging, and nanotechnology. Innovation is the distinctive characteristic of Italian SMEs. Attention to detail, adaptability, and tailor-made solutions are what allow the main small and medium size Italian packaging companies to remain at top in terms of innovation.

The Italian packaging industry is also committed to sustainability and environmental protection. The industry has reduced its use of some packaging materials such as plastic, glass and aluminum nearly by half, in favor of recycled products such as cardboard, over the past 10 years. The industry also aims to prevent food waste and make the most of agricultural raw materials by adopting circular economy principles and eco-design practices.

Italian Packaging Machinery

According to the latest edition of the Italian Trade Agency’s packaging machinery industry report this year, Italy is China’s second-ranked importing country. China’s imports of packaging machinery and parts from Italy is about 248 million euros in 2022, with imports much higher than exports.

n the packaging machinery sector, bottling or canning machines for beverage/liquid food took up the largest percent of China’s imports from Italy, with imports of about 79 million euros in 2022, accounting for 35 percent of China’s total imports. The Italian imports of matching parts are also higher, at about 12 million euros, a 13% increase over the previous year. In both categories, Italy is the biggest exporter to China. In addition, China imports quite a number of packing machines from Italy, with an import value of about 71 million euros in 2022. About 30 million euros of import value was recorded in the category of filling, sealing, labeling and encapsulation machines.

According to the data, the revenue of China’s packaging special equipment manufacturing industry in 2021 is about 67 billion RMB, and the output of packaging special equipment reached 754,300 units, with a year-on-year increase of 186.4%. In terms of output distribution, it is mainly centralized in Shanghai, Guangdong, and Zhejiang. In recent years, China’s machinery manufacturing capacity has been improving rapidly and is working towards automation, efficiency, intelligence, and energy saving. In the years ahead, there will be further improvements in CNC systems, mechatronics design, precision parts finishing, and steel materials.


The Italian national pavilion also took a prominent part in ProPak China 2020 and 2021, prompted the cutting-edge Italian packaging machinery industry, and fostered quite a number of successful partnerships.

Italian national pavilion will also be presented at this year’s ProPak China 2023, organized by Italian Trade Agency Shanghai Office with UCIMA, Italian Packaging Machinery Manufacturers’ Association.

This year, June 19-21, come and find us at the Italian national pavilion,

HALL 5.1, booth 51E60

to see more of the innovative Italian packaging machinery industry.

The 6 Italian packaging machinery companies participating:  

·      Cama Group


·      DELFIN s.r.l. – Società Unipersonale​

·      FBR-ELPO S.p.A.

·      Omag S.p.A.

·      SIPA SPA


UCIMA (Italian Packaging Machinery Manufacturers’ Association) is the national trade association which represents and supports the Italian packing and packaging machinery manufacturers. It has more than 160 member companies from all over Italy, including the industry’s primary leaders and works in close cooperation with AMAPLAST (Italian Plastics and Rubber processing Machinery and Moulds Manufacturers’ Association), strengthening the offer of Italian technologies for the international investors.

UCIMA Member companies cover the entire range of packaging machinery production, from food, confectionary, and tobacco industries to pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petrochemicals, cosmetics, and end-of-line technologies. These companies contribute to making Italy one of the world leaders in packaging machinery, with a global market share of 22,5%, with the United States, France and China being the top export markets.


About ITA

ITA – Italian Trade Agency is the Governmental agency that supports the business development of our companies abroad and promotes the attraction of foreign investment in Italy.

With a motivated and modern organization and a widespread network of overseas offices, ITA provides information, assistance, consulting, promotion, and training to Italian small and medium- sized businesses. Using the most modern multi-channel promotion and communication tools, it acts to assert the excellence of Made in Italy in the world.

ITA operates worldwide from a large network of Trade Promotion Offices linked to Italian embassies and consulates and working closely with local authorities and businesses.

ITA provides a wide range of services overseas helping Italian and foreign business to connect with each other: identification of possible business partners; bilateral trade meetings with Italian companies, trade delegation visits to Italy; official participation in local fairs and exhibitions; forums and seminars with Italian experts.

ITA – Italian Trade Agency has been in the People’s Republic of China for more than 50 years with now 4 offices respectively in Beijing, Shanghai, Canton, and Hong Kong organizing hundreds of promotional activities every year to enhance the relationship between China and Italy.